Injection Molding Process & Parameter Settings


This program is to ensure the participants understand the relation between materials, machine, and parameters with the quality of products. Participants will learn detail on each parameter involved in moulding process and their effect towards moulding quality. This course will also provide technical data for some machines and materials to ensure the participants understand and know how to set parameter and maintain molding condition with proper setting method.

Course Contents:

1. Materials specification studies and properties
– How materials can cause defects

2. Machine specification studies
– Machine specification related to moulding process

3. Injection Moulding process
– General view of injection moulding process & function of parameters

4. Parameter setting procedures
– Step by step setting procedures and how to maintain their condition
– Parameter setting using formulas and calculation

Who should join this training course?

  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • R&D personnel
  • QC personnel
  • Executives
  • Trainers
  • Supervisors
  • Technicians
  • Line Leaders
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Others related personnel

Why process and parameter knowledge is important?:

During first run of production it is common to find many instability issue and quality. This often lead to production stop and investigation done by technical team. Although after multiple testing, try and error gradually the condition will improve, this will cost time and material.

It is always more practical to grasp sufficient knowledge of each parameters and it’s effect to product quality before optimizing settings. Not only this will reduce production stop time, manufacturer will also save cost on material used for testing.

In our course we will explain to participant each parameter, what it does and how changing it will affect other settings. The most important part in our training is that participant will be able to apply directly learned knowledge in practical session.

This knowledge is no doubt important to technical team, but also no less important for production management side.

Why you should attend this course?

  • 99.9% satisfaction from feedbacks received through all courses we have conducted.
  • Improve your quality, increase speed and production efficiency .
  • Participants are encourage to bring in actual part for discussion.
  • Out trainer are specialist with more than 30 years experience in injection molding line.

What you will learned in this course?

  • Enable participants to understand material specifications and individual properties.
  • Understanding the relation between machine specifications related to molding process.
  • Participants will learn details on each parameter involved in moulding process and their effect towards moulding quality.
  • Participants will learn how to set parameters and maintaining it using formulas and calculation.

Course details:

  1. Course fees: RM 980.00 per participant
  2. Course fees include one set of course materials, refreshments, lunch and training certificate
  3. Course fees is not refundable, however a substitute is allowed to replace the earlier registered person if he/she is unable to attend the program. Details of substitute must be email/fax to AMT prior to commencement of program
  4. This program is under „SBL‟ training scheme
  5. AMT reserved all rights to cancel or reschedule program and all efforts will be taken to inform participants of any changes.
  6. Check out upcoming schedule from table below
  7. Download training pamphlet from link below for detail course schedule
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 16th – 17th Oct

ADTEC Taiping, Perak

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