Injection Molding Defects & Countermeasure



This program was developed focusing on plastic injection moulding defects occurrence root-caused and the solutions. Countermeasures can be defined as an activity that takes place to determine the cause of, and solution for, defects found in a moulded part. This activity usually takes place when good quality product production is interrupted by occurrence of one or more defective, unacceptable parts. In this course we will explain what, why, when, where and how defects occurs and correct countermeasures for each defects.


Example of defects:




What caused defects in injection moulding?:

There are various factors that might cause occurrence of defects on product. Most of it are due to wrong machine parameter settings for particular product. It might also caused by surrounding factors such as humidity, production area temperature or machine maintenance condition. Some other factor such as material condition, material handling, or machine handling.

In order to pin point root caused of the defects, correct investigation flow is crucial. This is because the root caused might not be limited to particular factor mentioned above, as it might caused by combination of several factors. Defects countermeasure will require technical person to understand the root caused holistically for faster resolution.



Course Contents:

1. Type of defects
2. Defects terminology
3. Defects analysis and failure of products
4. Defects countermeasures

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Engineers, R&D personnel, QC personnel, Executives, Trainers, Supervisors, Technicians, Line Leaders, Maintenance personnel and others related personnel


Why you should attend this course?

  • 99.9% satisfaction and guaranteed ROI through all courses we have conducted.
  • Improve your quality, increase speed and efficiency while reducing cost at the same time.
  • Out trainer are specialist with more than 30 years experience in injection molding line.
  • Participants are encourage to bring in actual part for discussion.

What you will learned in this course?

  • Enable participants to understand material specifications and individual properties.
  • Knowledge on how material can cause defects.
  • Understanding the relation between machine specifications related to molding process.
  • Participants will learn details on each defects, what are the cause for it and how to troubleshoot it.



Course details:

  1. Course fees: RM 980.00 per participant
  2. Course fees include one set of course materials, refreshments, lunch and training certificate
  3. Course fees is not refundable, however a substitute is allowed to replace the earlier registered person if he/she is unable to attend the program. Details of substitute must be email/fax to AMT prior to commencement of program
  4. This program is under „SBL‟ training scheme
  5. AMT reserved all rights to cancel or reschedule program and all efforts will be taken to inform participants of any changes.
  6. Check out upcoming schedule from table below
  7. Download training pamphlet from link below for detail course schedule
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25th – 26th Mar 

JMTi, Penang


 8th – 9th Apr

CIAST, Shah Alam

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What our participants says

Knowledge on actual defects in workplace

Participants of PIM Defects & Countermeasure program

Amey Saida

QA QC at Watertec (M) SDN BHD

Training time should longer so I can learn more

Participants of PIM Defects & Countermeasure program


QA at Watertec (M) SDN BHD

Help to understand rootcaused and countermeasure

Participants of PIM Defects & Countermeasure program

Asmuni Saad

QA at Panasonic Aircond SDN BHD

Provide the true knowledge of injection moulding

Participants of PIM Defects & Countermeasure program

Mohd Syafiq

Technician at SIRIM QAS Int. SDN BHD

Improved knowledge about injection moulding

Participants of PIM Defects & Countermeasure program

Abd Majid

Technician at Panasonic Appliances Aircond (MY) SDN BHD



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